The Elduin And Donestan Chronicles

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The Elduin and Donestan chronicles is an erotic Yaoi/BL webcomic drawn by Japanese female artist, Velvet Toucher.

The first episode Lost in the Snow, in which Elduin and Donestan begin a relationship despite the difference in their social classes, ran between September 2014 to August 2015 and is 128 pages long. The second installment, Whispers in the Dark, started in winter of 2015. The chronicles are set in a light fantasy world modeled after Europe during the Medieval period. Powerful feudal lords and knights rule over the common man, religious authorities dominate even the most noble of houses, and a war between brothers holds the nation in a thrall of chaos and death. But even in these dark times, love and desire still find a way to rule the hearts of men. >> Read More


Hi! I'm glad to announce that we launched an official website for another comic project. I use a different artist name, Jeane Akira but It’s totally me. The prologue is ready. I’ll run El and Don series and this new project at the same time. Hopefully, you will enjoy both :)
The official website: